The PDC Drill Bit and What it Does (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact)

Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Drill Bits are a style of “fixed head” drilling bit that is commonly utilized in drilling oil wells. PDC is short for Polycrystalline Diamond Compact. Polycrystalline Diamond tech is one of the greatest important innovations in materials technology with respect to the oil and gas industry. Polycrystalline Diamond Compact, or PDC, Bits were initially adopted in production in 1976. PDC Drill Bits have gradually increased in acceptance because of the ongoing advancements with their modern technology. Frequently, drilling expenses are lowered and efficiency is raised when utilizing the appropriate PDC Bit for the work. Many drilling sites have consistently reported reduced work time by days and even weeks thanks to using the ideal Drilling Bit.

These 2 types of PDC Bits are ultimately the foundation for all of the additional kinds. These PDC Bits possess incredibly distinct designs, applications, and capabilities.

There are many different types, designs, and arrangements of PDC Bits, there are generally 2 key structurally divergent styles.

A PDC Drill Bit has needs many parts in order to operate correctly. We will in no way get into the specifics of every component in this editorial, we will go ahead and note the majority of them right here:

List of PDC Drill Bit Elements

Breaker Slot

Having the common composition of a PDC Drilling Bit in mind, we will now go over both main forms of PDC Drill Bits.

Matrix Body PDC Bit

The matrix body material is a somewhat heterogeneous composite mixture. Due to this irregular mix of tungsten carbide material in the composite, matrix material and its objective attributes are less predictable than steel. This is why it is necessary to choose the appropriate PDC Bit for the task being done.

In a “Matrix Body” PDC Drill Bit, the body of the PDC Bit is made up of a blend of tungsten carbide granules fused together with a strong metal alloy. Matrix body pdc bits normally have improved protection to wear and have a much longer life span in regard to higher compressive loads. Compared to steel, matrix body composite possesses a lower resistance with high impact loading.

Steel Body PDC Bit

Polycrystalline Diamond Compact has another important property that is necessary for PDC Bit cutters. PDC efficiently bonds together with the material tungsten carbide, which is in Matrix material in Matrix Body PDC Bits. This is the reason that PDC Cutters can not be used in a Steel Body PDC Bit.

PDC Cutters

Steel, in contrast to matrix material, is comparatively soft. Steel body PDC bits are NOT effective for applications using high fluid or high sand volume.

Diamond is among the hardest, toughest materials in existance. This feature makes diamond the ideal substance for cutting just about anything that isn’t diamond. Polycrystalline Diamond Compact is a remarkably valuable technological innovation throughout the oil and gas drilling industry. PDC accumulates countless small, inexpensive, manufactured diamonds into a single large mass of small diamond crystals. This group of small artificial diamonds can be formed into a wide range of shapes based on the needs of the user.